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Two of Indy's most vibrant groups of doers and makers - Verge and Pattern - are coming together on August 29th to celebrate design, technology and fashion. 
Fashion and technology have a lot to learn from each other. And we can accomplish a lot together. We're super excited about the intersection of these two communities with design as a unifying force.
Special guest Maddy Maxey is a pioneer in technology and fashion, and she is working with her colleague and fellow guest, Mari Kussman, on CRATED--a project that, like this event, brings technology and fashion together. Learn from their combined experiences and meet indy's brightest geeks and models at The Harrison Center for the Arts, where you'll also be able to check out Pattern's Bindery pop-up coworking space.
Verge and Pattern are thrilled to partner for this event that unites technology and fashion entrepreneurs and desigers. Join the action!
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Technology, Fashion and Design

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